Galaxies/iPhones/LG, Sony, Nokia)

 Connecting to Internet (Network/Home WiFi).

 New age mobile devices can be connected to internet using your mobile
network as well as your home wifi connection.

 Installing Applications.

 A lot of interesting and useful applications are available to entertain
you while traveling within the country or Abroad. So you can check your local
news as well as international news, sports, weather, games or different

Updating Device Software.

Every now and then mobile manufacturers update their mobile device software
normally known as firmware to improve functionality of their devices and to
remove bugs. It is highly recommended to update firmware whenever available.

 Adding Songs.

use of mobiles that they can be used to listen your favourite music when you
are travelling or have free time. Most of the time it is very tricky to put
music on your mobile device. I can do it for you so you can enjoy your music
whenever you get time.