Computer Software

Your computer system, requires set of files to run are known as Computer Software. Object which can be seen on your computer screen but can’t be touched physically. Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and  a lot of other programs are examples of it.

Operating System.

Operating System (required to run your system normally knows as Windows), software packages which help to accomplish different tasks, like listening music, watching movies, games, word processing, accessing internet, checking emails and many more.


Hardware Drivers. ( Sound Card, Webcam, Video Card)

Computer needs special set of files to recognise hardware attached to it called Drivers.


New Anti Virus/Spyware Installation.

To protect your computer from online threats, while you are browsing social website or Sensitive banking websites. Your computer needs Antivirus software like, Symantec Norton. So you have peace of mind while using internet.


Removing Virus/Spyware.

During different sites visits, sometimes people manage to download some piece of software which keep using your system resources as well as may steal your sensitive information from your computer. This can be removed by installing anti virus or anti spyware software.


Pdf Reader.

Most sites use pdf file format to distribute their brochures and information. We need software called PDF reader to display and read these files on our computer screen.


Open Office.

Typing letter or application, making balance sheet or time table, normally people use Microsoft office which is bit expensive for domestic customer, I can help you to same kind of software for FREE. (except installation charges).


Safe Internet Browsing.

Whenever we visit a website, sometimes bit of information is saved on out hard disk in shape of cookies, sometimes they are helpful but can cause problem. I will set it up for you so when you finish your browsing they are deleted from your hard disk without your any extra effort.


Child Safety (to keep away kids from certain sites)

Computer use among kids is getting very common from completing their home work to play games or something. You can’t be with them all the time, so as a solution i can set it up your browser that they can’t go to any website, which is not suitable for kids and you have peace of mind that your kids are safe from EVIL.


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