Your Computer system is set of components. The stuff you can actually see and touch, and would likely to break is Computer Hardware.

Installing hardware.

If your computer hard drive space is getting low and you need more space, your computer getting slow when you use heavy application or whenever you watch any video and it start stuttering, Its time to upgrade your hardware. i.e. Hard drive/RAM/VGA Card/LAN Card also known as network card.


You want to talk and see your loved ones from Another city, country or even continent, using voice and video chatting software like, MSN, Yahoo, Skype, I can help you to install your webcam where they can see you.


To enjoy music or watching videos on youtube. you have to have speakers to listen everything.


LAN Card (Normally use to connect to internet).

Got a new computer or internet connection(provided you have received your welcome pack from your Internet service provider i.e. user name password and router), I can set it up for you.


Additional Peripherals (Printers, Scanners).

If you are buying a new printer and scanner to print documents at ease of your own home and also want to keep save your old memories by scanning your old photos into your computer as digital file, I am here to install it for you, As computer needs special set of files to recognise hardware attached to it.

Speed up your computer.

If your computer was fast when you bought but getting too slow day by day, you need to use some system utilities to make sure that your computer runs again at smooth speed and save your time.

Health Check.

If your computer making funny noises there could be problem either with your hard drive or processor fan. Which needs to be looked, otherwise your system can crash, you can lose your data as well as destroy your mother board or processor.

Wireless Router Security

Most of people connect their laptop computer to internet wireless these days. Device use to connect to is called router as it is connected to computer without wires so it is called Wireless router. This connection is also known as wifi connection. This router can also be used if you want to connect your mobile, iPhone, TV, Sony Play station 3, Microsoft Xbox. To avoid intruder to use your internet connection as well as for security of your sensitive data i.e. user name and password and bank signing in details, your network connection has to be secured. I can also help you to secure your network so nobody else can have access to your connection. In near future its going to be compulsory to have your internet connection secured otherwise will be fined and may be prosecuted.